There are no sins in our inn. But there is a lot of flair.

Located at the heart of the area around the southern train station, where the pulse of our city is particularly strong, and we have captured the typical Bavarian way of life for you. In the Münchner Stubn, expect all you need to get a flavour of the cosmopolitan city with heart and soul:

Quaint hospitality and an authentic atmosphere, where tradition and modernity enjoy a relaxed beer together. We also offer lots of delicious, regional and seasonal groceries like crispy pork roast from the pots of our Bavarian chef.

Experience Munich inn culture with us just the way it should be: honest, no frills and with lots of joie de vivre!

Ground plan

Münchner Stubn
Bayerstraße 35-37, 80335 München
Tel. +49 89 / 55 11 13 330 ,