Bavarian Pork Knuckle

available at the Münchner Stubn

Eat Bavarian Pork Knuckle

The pork knuckle looks back on a long tradition in Bavaria and is a classic of Bavarian cuisine.

It is one of the most popular regional specialties and is not only a household name in Germany.

Also internationally, the pork knuckle is understood as typical German cuisine.

Enjoy our crispy PORK KNUCKLE with pointed cabbage and buttered potato dumplings.

The tasty, crispy PORK KNUCKLE of the Münchner Stubn is freshly prepared according to the Bavarian style. In addition, cold beer from the original Münchner Holzfass for self-tapping at the table must not be missing. 

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Preparation of the Bavarian Pork Knuckle

The pork knuckle consists of the leg of the pig, which is surrounded by a thick layer of fat. Before frying, it is left seasoned for one night. Then it is fried in the oven for several hours until it is crispy and spicy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Decisive is the consistency of the crust. The crust must be "resch", so it should crunch properly when biting. 

The meat should be easily detached from the bone after cooking. This is done at the thinnest point by cutting a long section from top to bottom. So the meat can be loosened at the bone ends.

Worth knowing about the Bavarian Pork Knuckle

Eat Bavarian Pork Knuckle

The meat is heavily overgrown and surrounded by a thick layer of fat, which is why it has to be cooked for a long time. 

Potato salad, bread dumplings or sauerkraut are traditionally served as side dishes for pork knuckle. There are dark sauces, such as the beer sauce. 

In Germany, the pork knuckle is mainly fried.

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